Home Health Payment Options

  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

    • Qualifications:

1.      The patient’s doctor must decide that the patient needs medical care in the home, and develop a plan for their care; and

2.      Patient must need at least one of the following:  intermittent (not full-time) skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech language pathology services; and

3.      Patient must be homebound.  This means the patient is normally unable to leave home.  Being homebound generally means that leaving home requires a taxing effort.  When the patient leaves the home, it must be infrequent, for a short time, or to get medical care.  For the technical definition of “homebound,” see Section 30.1.1 of https://www.cms.gov/manuals/downloads/bp102c07.pdf.

  • TennCare

    • Qualifications:  generally follows Medicare guidelines


  • Commercial Insurance/Health Plans

    • Qualifications:  vary from policy to policy.  While we accept most commercial insurance, you should check with your plan administrator for benefits.  You may also call our intake department or authorization department at 901.266.5100 for more coverage information.


  • Self Pay

    • Qualifications:  contact the Bartlett office at 901.266.5100 for assistance.


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